Outstanding Achievement Award

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to recognize annually IEEE members who have given valuable achievement.
Prize: $200 to be used as travel grant by the selected member in order to participate in any IEEE conference, a Certificate to the 1st author of the selected paper, and trophy
Funding: Funded by the IEEE Tunisia section
Eligibility: Any active IEEE member for at least 2 years and living in Tunisia. The candidate receives no remuneration for his achievement. The awards committee members are not eligible.
Basis for Judging: The evaluation of the achievement will be based on the following criteria (if applicable):

  • amount and quality of the performed activities (technical and / or volunteering activities)
  • exceptional administrative, managerial and leadership achievement
  • implementation of innovative IEEE programs
  • impact on the industry, economy, government and society
  • impact of the achievements from the point of view of theory, technologies, and/or applications
  • quantity and quality of the outcomes
  • length of service to the Section

Presentation: One award will be given per year. The award will be announced and presented at a section meeting. No award will be given if a qualified candidate is not identified.

Nomination Deadline: 15 October (annual)
Nomination form <online form>

For further information, please contact the awards committee <link>.