Conference organizers can request the Technical co-Sponsorship (TCS) of the IEEE Tunisia section in order to submit the conference proceedings to IEEE Xplore for publication. The TCS indicates direct and substantial involvement of the IEEE Tunisia Section in the technical program of the conference.

To request the TCS of the IEEE Tunisia section, please fill in the conference application form:

The request / MOU could be approved or declined according to the conference details submitted using the form above. Please note that the IEEE Tunisia section is a geographic subunit of IEEE. For Technical co-sponsorship, the involvement of an IEEE technical unit (chapter, society) is required.


To approve your TCS request, it is important and necessary to keep the following conditions:

  1. The conference application must be submitted with all required details in order to avoid the reject of the application. It should also includes the information of all the conference chairs and the program committee chairs and the publication chair and the financial chair.
  2. Plagiarism check of all submitted papers (first and final versions) using
  3. At the minimum, one IEEE Tunisian chapter <list> or one IEEE Society <link> in the conference topic is involved in the conference program as technical co-sponsor. It is important to explain in the conference form how these units are involved in the program of the conference (List the names of IEEE members who have access to all submitted papers and are mainly involved in the papers acceptance process, and participate in developing the conference program).
  4. At the minimum, the committee includes one technical program committee co-chair is a senior IEEE society member who have a good experience in publishing IEEE papers and who have access to all reviews, participate in the papers acceptance process, and participate in developing the conference program.
  5. At the minimum, the committee includes two technical program co-chairs from foreign countries.
  6. At the minimum, the committee includes five known IEEE Tunisia section members are involved in the review process.
  7. At the minimum, the technical program chairs assign 3 reviews for each submitted paper. The acceptance should be based on the review of full papers (not review of only abstracts).
  8. No assignment of more than 5 papers for each reviewer.
  9. The review period must be at the minimum 4 weeks if the number of submitted papers is less than 100; and a minimum of 6 weeks otherwise.
  10. Registration fees must includes reduced fees for IEEE members: a minimum of 20% discount.
  11. The conference organizer should send to the section committee an electronic copy of the conference proceedings before the opening session.
  12. The conference organizer should send to the section committee the following report <link> within 30 days after the conference.
  13. The conference application should be submitted before a minimum of 8 months from the conference dates.
  14. The TCS fee are $1,000 + $15 per paper submitted to IEEE Xplore. No fee if one of the IEEE unit will receive a minimum of 5%  of the conference benefits.
  15. If one of IEEE units is involved as financial sponsor (5% or more), the conference organizer should send to the section committee a financial report <link> within 30 days after the conference.
  16. The committee should includes at the minimum the following roles <link>
  17. The conference organizer should invite at the minimum two IEEE student members with free registration. These two students could help in the local arrangement issues.
  18. An IEEE booth should be organized in the conference venue.
  19. The dates should not conflict with other IEEE events in Tunisia.
  20. The quality report and the conference proceedings should be submitted within 30 days to the conference coordinator in the Tunisia section.


Important Notes:

  • The IEEE Tunisia section may cancel the MOU at any time after the approval, if the requirements are not full filled and the technical quality issues of the accepted papers are not considered. In this case, no papers will be published in IEEE Xplore
  • The IEEE Tunisia section is committed to approve or decline the TCS request within one month
  • Review the publishing criteria <link>
  • After the MOU approval, the conference organizers should add the IEEE logo and the IEEE Tunisia section logo in the website, banners, and all conference flyers and materials


List of conferences TCS by the IEEE Tunisia section and organized in Tunisia:


Conferences Coordinator:

adel-alimiAdel M. Alimi

ENIS, Univ. Sfax