The Future of Health and Wellness Empowered by IoT Collaborative Technologies

November 19, 2018 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
City: Hammam Sousse

Co-sponsored by: IEEE Communications Society, ComSoc Tunisia Chapter, IEEE Tunisia Section, and ISITCOM

Several technologies such as sensors, wearables, connectivity, big data/analytics and apps are converging advancing both the healthcare and wellness at an accelerating rate. This cycle is bound to disrupt the delivery of services engaging individuals in a way that was not feasible before.

Smart connectivity among care providers, empowering IoT and delivering a greater impact and advance services to multiple markets by 2020’s.

This summit will introduce the concept and vision of IoT and architectural evolution impacting many markets such as home, health, automotive, enterprise, transportation and infrastructure. This will be enriched by several examples.

The talk will focus on advancement of technology and impact on healthcare and wellness exploring current and emerging solutions at hospitals, clinics, care centers and homes. Solution building blocks include sensing, aggregation, and data analytics. Examples of some of the adjacent technologies such as 3D, Robot, Drone and Wearables will be highlighted. Finally the talk will conclude with some of the factors and challenges to deliver scalable solutions, delivering better quality of services and experience. These include development platforms, 5G, virtualization, collaborative applications and security.

The proposed program include the following segments:
a) IoT Empowering smart connectivity for healthcare and wellness
b) Examples of current and future smart solution for healthcare and Wellness
c) Challenges and consideration for an integrated delivery and support system


Higher Institute of Computer and Communication Technics
Hammam Sousse, Sousse