World Robot Olympiad (WRO) – Tunisian Qualifications

September 30, 2018 @ 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
City: Sfax

Co-sponsored by: IEEE Tunisia Section

Robotics is a wonderful platform for learning 21st century skills. Solving robotic challenges encourages innovation and develops creativity and problem solving skills in students. Because robotics crosses multiple curricular subjects, students must learn and apply their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, math, and computer programming.
The most rewarding part of designing robots is that students have fun. They work together as a team, discovering their own solutions. Coaches guide them along the way, then step back to allow them their own victories and losses. Students thrive in this supportive and immersive environment, and learning occurs as naturally as breathing air.
At the end of the day, at the end of a fair competition, students can say they did their best, they learned, and they had fun.

WRO-Tunisia’2018 will be organized on 30th September 2018 in the Sfax International Fair. To participate in the WRO 2018 Tunisian qualifications, teams should register by 31 August 2018 at 23:59 Tunis time. Registration to the WRO-Tunisia is FREE. <link>

WRO-Tunisia’2018 aims to promote the development of robotics in Tunisia through bringing together primary and secondary and university students as well as robotics experts to exchange ideas and share problem solving strategies pertaining to robotics.

The judges will select the best team respecting and fulfilling the WRO material requirements to be qualified to the finals of 15th World Robot Olympiad (WRO), that will be organized in Chiang Mai (Thailand) on 16-18 November 2018. Each participant of a qualified team for WRO finals in Thailand should plan to pay the registration fees for WRO 2018 and pay his/her travel expenses to Thailand. Qualified teams are encouraged to look for sponsors in advance.

Bldg: Sfax International Fair
Sfax, Sfax