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Request type (Payment means a direct transfer from the Tunisia section to the provider bank account; Reimbursement means that the volunteer already payed the invoice and is requesting a reimbursement)

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CH08633 - Tunisia Section Chapter, SMC28
SBC12541A - Nat'l Inst of Applied Sci & Tech (INSAT) IA34
STB12541 - Nat'l Inst of Applied Sci & Tech (INSAT)
SBA12541 - Nat'l Inst of Applied Sci & Tech (INSAT), WIE

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- a report with photos should be sent to within 15 days after the event.
- All invoices with an amount over 100 TND should be payed directly to the provider (no reimbursement option).
- All invoices should be on the name of "IEEE Tunisia section", including clear details of the provider and stamp and signature. Otherwise, the payment/reimbursement can't be done.
- The unit's chair should collect all original invoices and give them to the section treasurer during the annual section meeting on December.
- if the product price is over 100 TND, you must upload 3 quotes (devis) from different providers. Please clarify if you are not selecting the lowest price, in the description of expenses field above.

Upload one pdf file including one or more invoices and the quotes: