Please select an expense category from the pick list to classify this transaction. If your transaction captures expenses extending across multiple categories please select the category which covers the majority of the expense.

Expense Type Explanations


  • Management Services: Payments to management companies, professional conference organizers, MCE Services/Sales etc.
  • Registration: Fees incurred on gross revenue income and cost of setting up a registration platform.
    • Equipment rentals
    • Badges and badge printing, ribbons
    • Onsite registration booth rental
    • Online registration processing fees & registration website development and management.
  • Promotion: Costs incurred on materials for promoting the conference.
    • Calls for papers
    • Advertisements in periodicals and magazines
    • Website & promotional management fees
  • Publication: Cost of proceedings, papers, printing, publication shipping etc.
  • Exhibits: Booth/table and site setup, exhibit room fee (depends on hotel contract), per‐diem, and exhibit commission reimbursement (for combined conferences).
  • Local Arrangements: Hotel room or convention center charges, equipment, computer, copy machine, LCD, projector, onsite temps, conference room signage, decorations, attendee gifts, hotel penalties, gratuities, securities, transportation. Fees paid to local IEEE sections/chapters for their time spent in setting up local arrangements. (costs for committee members that are being covered by the conference should be included in Committee Expenses).
  • Social Functions: Costs related to Food and beverage, breaks, excursions, or ceremonies, not covered in conference registration fees.
  • Program: Speaker expenses, expenses for additional courses, attendee souvenirs, awards and honoraria.
  • Administration: Includes bank charges, account fees, wire transfer fees, foreign exchange commission, secretarial fees, accountant fees, additional insurance coverage, student grants, stationary, printing, shipping items to and from the event (excluding promotional shipping), grant administration, office supply, telephone, fax, and staff travel.
  • Society Admin Fee: A fee sometimes charged by an IEEE Society for their assistance in facilitating or sponsoring a conference.
  • Audit Fee: Fee of audit if the conference requires audit by IEEE Policy (if the conference generate gt; 250k in revenue or expense AND has an IEEE financial sponsorship over 50%).
  • Committee: Organizing committee expenses related to stay, transportation, gifts, calls, and food.
  • VAT Owed: Indirect tax payments incurred.
  • Other: Contingencies, overhead expenses, petty cash, and other miscellaneous expenses that do not fall under the categories listed above.