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Electrical car project

May 31 @ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm UTC

the three past months were quite intense as we tried to start the electric car project by creating a youtube channel where both the project manager and the training manager took charge of helping our members gain some basic knowledge about different concepts on which the electric vehicule manufacturing is based. It took on various subjects like suspension, chassis design, steering and transmission which are mainly mechanical subjects. It also took on other subjects like lithium-ion batteries, the AC motor, the regenerative braking system which are mainly electrical subjects. There’s also an astonishing playlist taking on the design part from car body styles to interior design. Added to that, there’s a playlist called safety,sensors and autonomous driving. It really got the attention of our members since they have a unique passion for the use of software tools in order to make real things function in the physical world INSAT , tunis, Tunis, Tunisia