This page contains information about the 1st IEEE Tunisia section Committee Meeting to be held at the Hotel Tej Marhaba in Sousse on 3-4 October 2015.

Officers Reports:

Chair (Habib M. Kammoun) ViceChair (Azza Ouled Zaid)
Treasurer (Nizar Rokbani) Secretary (Messaoud Amairi)

Appointed members Reports:

Nominations and Appointments Committee Chapter Coordinator Conference Coordinator
Membership Development Coordinator Student Activities Coordinator Student Representatives
Professional Activities Coordinator Educational Activities Coordinator Industry Ambassador
Awards & Recognition Committee Newsletter Editor

Chapters & Affinity group Reports:

Aerospace and Electronic Systems (AESS) Antennas and Propagation (APS) Circuits and Systems (CAS)
Communications (ComSoc) Computational Intelligence (CIS) Computer (CS)
Electronic Design Automation (CEDA) Education (ES) Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBS)
Industry Applications (IAS) Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTTS)
Oceanic Engineering (OES) Power & Energy (PES) Robotics and Automation (RAS)
Signal Processing (SPS) Solid-State Circuits (SSCS) Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMCS)
Vehicular Technology (VTS) Young Professionals (YP) Women In Engineering (WIE)

Minutes <link>


Time Min Type Item Presenter
Saturday afternoon 15:00 05:00 Procedural Call to order and roll call M. Amairi
15:05 05:00 Procedural Introductory remarks and Approval of the agenda M.H. Kammoun
15:10 15:00 Discussion Section chair’s address M.H. Kammoun
Members Activities
15:25 10:00 Discussion Membership Development Activities H. Jmii
15:35 10:00 Discussion Women In Engineering (WIE) Activities B. Ammar
15:45 10:00 Discussion Young Professionals (YP) Activities W. Ouarda
15:55 10:00 Discussion Professional Activities N. Bardaa
16:05 10:00 Discussion Educational Activities R. Besbes
16:15 10:00 Discussion Industry Relations Activities R. Messaoud
16:25 10:00 Discussion Awards & Recognition Activities T. Bejaoui
16:35 10:00 Discussion Section’s Newsletter K. Filali
16:45 20:00 Procedural Break
Student Activities
17:05 10:00 Discussion SB, SBC, and Student affinity groups B. Dekhili
17:15 10:00 Discussion Students Representative A. Tarroum
17:25 10:00 Discussion TSYP 2015 M. Bouguerra
Technical Activities
17:35 15:00 Discussion Conference Activities M.A. Alimi
17:50 10:00 Discussion Chapters activities I. Kallel
18:00 05:00 Procedural Recess M.H. Kammoun
20:00 120 Social Activity
Gala Dinner and celebration of IEEE day
Sunday morning 09:00 05:00 Procedural Call to order and roll call M. Amairi
Cont. TechnicalActivities (Chapteractivities)
09:05 05:00 Discussion Aerospace and Electronic Systems C. Hamrouni
09:10 05:00 Discussion Antennas and Propagation N. Boulejfene
09:15 05:00 Discussion Computational Intelligence M. Ben Halima
09:20 05:00 Discussion Computer A. Wali
09:25 05:00 Discussion Electronic Design Automation M. Kotti
09:30 05:00 Discussion Education M. Neji
09:35 05:00 Discussion Engineering in Medicine and Biology M. Ben Ayed
09:40 05:00 Discussion Industry Applications H. Lajmi
09:45 05:00 Discussion Intelligent Transportation Systems M. Benaissa
09:50 05:00 Discussion Oceanic Engineering A. Elbaati
09:55 05:00 Discussion Robotics and Automation W. Bouajila
10:00 05:00 Discussion Signal Processing C. Ben Amar
10:05 05:00 Discussion Systems, Man, and Cybernetics M. Zaied
10:10 05:00 Discussion Vehicular Technology A. Belghith
10:15 05:00 Discussion Circuits and Systems M. Loulou
10:20 05:00 Discussion Communications A. Belghith
10:25 05:00 Discussion Microwave Theory and Techniques A. Gharsallah
10:30 05:00 Discussion Power and Energy I. Ben Salah
10:35 05:00 Discussion Solid-State Circuits M. Masmoudi
10:40 20:00 Procedural Break
11:00 20:00 Discussion Treasurer’s report N. Rokbani
11:20 20:00 Discussion Legal status of the section in Tunisia M. Amairi
11:40 05:00 Discussion Sections’ Strategy M.H. Kammoun
11:45 20:00 Action Motions (Suggestions) All
12:05 05:00 Action Vote All
12:10 05:00 Info Next meeting M. Amairi