habibCandidate for 2017-2018 Tunisia section Chair:

Name: Habib M. Kammoun

E-mail: habib.kammoun@ieee.org

Organization: FSS, University of Sfax, Tunisia


Biography (without IEEE activities): Habib M. Kammoun (IEEE Graduate Student’06, Member’12, Senior Member’15) received a M.Sc. and then PhD degree both in computer science in 2005 and 2015 respectively, from the National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS), University of Sfax, Tunisia. He is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Sciences – University of Sfax, Tunisia.

He is member of the REGIM-Lab. (Research Groups in Intelligent Machines), University of Sfax. His research interests include Intelligent Systems, MultiAgent Modeling and Simulation, Fuzzy Logic, Ant Colony Optimization, Reinforcement Learning, Vehicle Route Guidance System, Road Traffic Simulation. Habib is a program committee member within several international conferences.


Position Statement: If selected for the position, it will be a great opportunity to continue the great progress of the Tunisia section activities, to offer more and more benefits for IEEE members in Tunisia, to help establishing new IEEE units in Tunisia (chapters, student branches, etc.), and to help students and young professionals to succeed their career.

Since the establishment of the Tunisia section in June 2008, I volunteered in different committees at several IEEE levels (society, region, section, chapters, affinity groups, student branches, and student chapters).

As always, I will be able to listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, work well with professional members and students individually and in groups, and to better satisfy the Tunisian IEEE members’ needs.

During my term, I will continue my focus on the following 3 priorities:

  • Increasing section members’ benefits and satisfactions;
  • Enhancing collaboration between all IEEE units in Tunisia and increasing their visibility worldwide;
  • Helping section members in their international activities.

Moreover, I will be engaged to follow the 3 priorities of IEEE Region 8:

  • Getting closer to Industry;
  • Giving more values for IEEE Students and Young Professionals members;
  • Ensuring Section Vitality.

I’m applying for the position because I believe that, as Tunisian section chair, I can continue serving the needs and interests of IEEE members in Tunisia for 2 more years. This will help me to accomplish some programs developed in my first term.


Major IEEE Accomplishments: I contributed to the organization of the following major recent IEEE events:

  • June 28 – July 2, 2016: IEEE PES Power Africa Conference, Livingstone-Tunisia (publication chair)
  • June 1-3, 2016; 5th IEEE Int. Conf. on Advanced Logistics and Transport (ICALT), Krakow-Poland (organizing co-chair)
  • Dec. 14-16, 2015: 15th Int. Conf. on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA), Marrakesh-Morocco (organizing co-chair)
  • November 15-17, 2015: 10th Int. Conf. on Service Operations and Logistics, and Informatics (SOLI), Hammamet-Tunisia (conference chair)
  • Nov. 14-16, 2015: IEEE eGov Hackathon: “Apps for Democracy”, Hammamet-Tunisia (organizing co-chair)
  • November 12-15, 2015: 2nd IEEE CIS Summer School on Computational Intelligence (CITA), Gammarth-Tunisia (school chair)
  • Oct. 1, 2015: World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) Tunisian Qualifications, Sfax-Tunisia (organizing chair)
  • Sep. 9-11, 2015: 2nd Int. Afro-European Conf. for Industrial Advancement (AECIA), Paris-France (publicity co-chair)
  • Aug. 23-26, 2015: 13th IAPR Int. Conf. on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR), Gammarth- Tunisia (finance chair)
  • May 20-22, 2015: 4th IEEE Int. Conf. on Advanced Logistics and Transport (ICALT), Valenciennes-France (organizing co-chair)
  • Dec. 22-23, 2014: 2nd IEEE Tunisian Student Branches Congress TSBC, Sousse-Tunisia (general chair)
  • Oct. 11, 2014: World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) Tunisian Qualifications, Sfax-Tunisia (organizing chair)
  • Aug. 11-14, 2014: 6th Int. Conf. on Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition, Gammarth-Tunisia (organizing chair)
  • Aug. 11-14, 2014: IEEE CIS Summer School on Computational Intelligence (CITA), Gammarth-Tunisia (school chair)
  • Dec. 15-17, 2013: Int. Conf. on Individual and Collective Behaviors in Robotics (ICBR), Sousse-Tunisia (organizing chair)
  • Dec. 4-6, 13, 2013: Int. Conf. on Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS), Hammamet-Tunisia (organizing chair)
  • Dec. 22, 2012: 3rd Robotics Competition, Monastir (organizing co-chair)
  • Mar. 25-28, 2012: IEEE R8 MELECON Conference, Hammamet-Tunisia (student activities chair)
  • Sept. 17, 2011: Software Freedom Day (SFD) Tunisia 2011, Sfax-Tunisia (organizing co-chair)

Since 2009, I invited and organized more than 20 IEEE distinguished lecturers for the benefit of IEEE members in Tunisia. Most of my activities were published in Region 8 newsletter, IAS Magazine, IEEE Potentials magazine, IEEE GOLDRush magazine. Furthermore, I’m helping hundreds of members to join/renew their IEEE memberships, encouraging volunteers to create new IEEE units in Tunisia, and helping members to receive awards and grants.


Past IEEE positions: 

IEEE Volunteering Positions

  • IEEE International level
    • Gaining Global Perspectives on Conferences and Events Ad hoc Committee (Member 2015-2016)
  • IEEE Regional level
    • IEEE Region8 (Europe, Africa, Middle East) Strategic Planning Subcommittee (Member 2015-2016)
    • IEEE Africa area committee (Member 2016-2017)
    • IEEE Region 8 Professional Activities SubCommittee (Member 2014-2015)
  • IEEE Society level
    • IEEE IAS Student Branch Chapters Area (Africa & Middle East) (Chair 2015-2016)
    • IEEE CIS chapters committee (Member 2015-2016)
    • IEEE CIS Student Activities Committee (Member 2013-2015)
    • IEEE CIS Social Media Committee (Member 2011-2012)
    • IEEE SMCS Student Activities Committee (Member 2010-2011)
  • IEEE Section level
    • IEEE Tunisia section (Chair July 2015-2016)
    • IEEE ITSS Tunisia Chapter (Secretary 2015-2016, Founder and Chair 2014)
    • IEEE SMCS Tunisia Chapter (Chair 2015, Vice-chair 2013-2014, Treasurer 2011-2012)
    • IEEE IAS Tunisia Chapter (Secretary 2015-2016, Chair 2013-2014, Treasurer 2011-2012)
    • IEEE CIS Tunisia Chapter (Secretary 2015-2016, Chair 2013-2014, co-Founder and Treasurer 2009-2010)
    • IEEE Young Professionals / GOLD Tunisia Affinity Group (Vice-chair 2013-2014, Chair 2011-2012, co-Founder and vice-chair 2010)
    • IEEE Student Branch in ENIS (Counselor since 2013, Founder and Chair 2009-2012)
    • IEEE Sfax Subsection (co-Founder and Treasurer 2011-2012)
    • IEEE Computer Society Tunisia Chapter (Treasurer 2010-2012)
    • IEEE SMCS Student Chapter in ENIS (Founder and Chair 2009-2010)


  • 2015 IEEE Region 8 Outstanding Large Section Award
  • 2015 IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor Award
  • 2015 IEEE IAS Outstanding Chapter Chair
  • 2014 IEEE R8 Young Professionals Exceptional Volunteer Recognition certificate
  • 2014 IEEEXtreme Programming Competition, Certificate of Appreciation
  • 2014 IEEE Darrel Chong Student Activity Award
  • 2013 IEEE Volunteer Leadership Training (VOLT) graduate Award
  • 2013 IEEE Student Enterprise Award
  • 2013 IEEE GOLD / Young Professionals certificate of Appreciation
  • 2013 IEEE GOLD Hall of Fame Award
  • 2011 IEEE Computer Society Certificate of Completion
  • 2011 IEEE Best Student Branch Award by Tunisia section
  • 2011 IEEE Best Tunisia chapter Award
  • 2010 and 2011 IEEE Day Photo Contest Award
  • 2010 IEEE R8 Exemplary Student Branch Award
  • 2010 IEEE Outstanding SMC Student Branch Chapter Award


Qualifications: Since the creation of the IEEE Tunisia section, and through my volunteering experience in different IEEE units, and thanks to my participation to the IEEE Volunteer Leadership Training (VOLT) program, and thanks to my experience as section chair since 7 July 2015:

  • I developed several soft skills, mainly leadership, communication, management, etc.
  • I developed good networking list of contacts at the national and international levels;
  • I acquired the values of discipline, efficiency, passion, ethic, openness, team spirit, and quest for excellence;
  • I was involved in IEEE Region 8 subcommittees’ decision making through my participation to five IEEE Region 8 meetings;
  • I received several IEEE awards at the international level through my IEEE volunteering experience.