The Awards & Recognition Committee is responsible for the preparation of a slate of candidates recommended for the offices of Section Chair-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and such other members of the Section elected at-large, to be submitted for approval by the Section ExCom. The committee should be aware of active volunteers in Tunisia.

The Section Nominating Committee members are not eligible to be nominated for any office to be filled by the Section ExCom.

The Section Nominating Committee shall also be responsible for the annual solicitation within the Section of names of potential candidates to be considered for positions on the Section ExCom.

The Section Nominating Committee shall respond on behalf of the Section to calls for elected positions for Councils, and Regions as appropriate. Nominations for such positions shall be submitted to the Section ExCom, as appropriate, for ratification.

The usual term of office is 2 year (1 year before and 1 year after the elected officers term). Term of office begins in January until the end of December. The time needed to fulfill this volunteer position is approximately 3 hours per week.


  • Must be an IEEE member in good standing
  • Must be an IEEE Graduate Student Member, Member, or higher
  • Must reside in the geographic boundaries of the Section
  • Prior volunteer experience
  • Ability to spend sufficient time and energy to manage awards program and to organize section awards ceremonies
  • Ability to respond quickly to communications by email
  • The committee chair must be an experienced volunteer officer in the section and its subunits.