The Conference coordinator is responsible for arranging major IEEE conferences in Tunisia and to ensure the good technical quality of conferences technically co-sponsored by the section as well as by the Tunisian chapters.

The usual term of office is 1 year. Term of office begins in January until the end of December. The time needed to fulfill this volunteer position is approximately 7 hours per week.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Activities, including but not limited to planning, organizing, controlling and keeping the executive updated as to fund raising and budgeting for planned major events such conferences to be supported by IEEE Tunisia  Section
  • Be aware of Section demographics with relation to membership employed by academia, industry, and government.  Where appropriate, coordinate with the Awards& Recognitions Chair for special initiatives related to events
  • Maintain information about area expositions and conferences and where appropriate promote these to the IEEE membership
  • Help conference organizers to succeed in organizing IEEE conferences in Tunisia
  • Maintain the report of each conference organized in Tunisia
  • Submit regular report to Section Executive Committee on status of conferences and potential events to be considered for our memberships benefit
  • Passes on to successor all relevant records of office at the end of term


  • Must be an IEEE member in good standing
  • Must be an IEEE Graduate Student Member, Member, or higher
  • Must reside in the geographic boundaries of the Section
  • Conference organizer experience
  • Ability to spend sufficient time and energy to help conference organizers
  • Ability to respond quickly to communications by email