The Newsletter Editor is responsible for the publication of the Tunisia Section Newsletter.

The usual term of office is 1 year. Term of office begins in January until the end of December. The time needed to fulfill this volunteer position is approximately 7 hours per week.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collect inputs from the Section Executive Committee, Chapter Chairs, and solicit inputs from others, as appropriate (e.g., candidates for office)
  • Assemble and edit the collected inputs, and other pertinent items into a cohesive document
  • At the minimum, distribute 2 newsletter issues per year
  • Maintain an objective and unbiased position
  • Set the deadline for inputs for each publication based on the opportunities presented during the particular calendar year
  • Arrange for the Newsletter to be distributed and stored electronically
  • Passes on to successor all relevant records of office at the end of term


  • Must be an IEEE member in good standing
  • Must be an IEEE Graduate Student Member, Member, or higher
  • Must reside in the geographic boundaries of the Section
  • Prior volunteer experience
  • Ability to spend sufficient time and energy to prepare section newsletter
  • Good communications skills
  • Ability to respond quickly to communications by email