IEEE Tunisia Section Outstanding Achievement Award

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to recognize IEEE members who have given valuable achievements.

Award description: $150 to be used as a travel grant by the awarded member in order to participate in any IEEE conference/event, a Certificate of recognition and a trophy, funded by the IEEE Tunisia section.

Eligibility: Any active IEEE member for at least 2 years and living in Tunisia. The applicant should not receive any financial remuneration for his/her achievement, and he/she did not receive this award in the past 2 awards’ editions. The awards committee members are not eligible to apply. 

Evaluation criteria: The evaluation of the outstanding performance of IEEE Tunisia members is based on the following rating scale (if applicable):

  1. (15 points) Number and quality of the performed activities (technical and/or volunteering activities);
  2. (15 points) Exceptional administrative, managerial and leadership achievement;
  3. (15 points) Implementation of innovative IEEE programs;
  4. (15 points) Impact on the industry, economy, government and society;
  5. (15 points) Impact of the achievements from the point of view of theory, technologies, and/or applications;
  6. (15 points) Quantity and quality of the outcomes;
  7. (10 points) Length of service to the Section.

Past IEEE Tunisia outstanding achievement awardees:

  • 2019: Nihel Ben Youssef, for her outstanding contributions, as Industry Ambassador, in bridging the gap and in enhancing relationships between industry and academia, for the benefits of IEEE members in Tunisia.
  • 2018: Khoubeyb Layouni, for his outstanding contributions to the IEEE ISSAT Student Branch members in Tunisia.
  • 2017: Abir Chermiti, for her outstanding contributions to the IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE) members in Tunisia.
  • 2016: no award