Objectives of SIGHT:

To promote the mission of IEEE regarding humanitarian technology activities, particularly:

  • To bring together members/IEEE OUs working in or wishing to work in humanitarian fields and to encourage and promote them in activities that use humanitarian technologies by giving them an opportunity for participation
  • Increasing awareness of IEEE members and engineers of the potential of their work to improve the standard of living of underserved populations, and encouraging them to increase efforts in this direction
  • To engage with NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, UN Organizations, Corporates, and other similar bodies to synergize efforts in delivering useful and sustainable technologies in their operations
  • To work with other bodies in the global engineering community who have similar goals and help each other in delivering to the ideals and participate in joint activities like Engineering for Change (E4C)

IEEE SIGHT Tunisia Group:

The IEEE SIGHT Tunisia project aims to bring the newly developed concept ‘People Centered Internet’ to the Tunisian society. The People Centered Internet is an initiative aspiring to improve societies using internet-based technologies relying on the powerful impact to connect people while targeting a number of problems. Basically, this initiative intends to influence education and to revolutionize the mindset of people in order to empower communities.

The IEEE SIGHT Tunisia project objectives are mainly to:

  • improve the internet usage
  • guide the upcoming generations to take full benefit of the services provided by the internet
  • help Tunisian society to explore more opportunities and improve their daily life.

Further details was published in the IEEE SIGHT blog <link>.

Project Team:

To join the IEEE SIGHT Tunisia group, please join IEEE and add the SIGHT membership <link>.

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Humanitarian Activities Coordinator: