Purpose: The purpose of this award is to recognize the outstanding performance of Tunisian Student Chapters in serving their members and establishing goodwill for the Student Branch and the Tunisia Section.
Prize: $150 to be used for Student chapter activities, a Certificate, and a trophy
Funding: Funded by the IEEE Tunisia section
Eligibility: The student chapter must have been active for at least one year when the nomination is made and have an updated website under the ieee.tn or ieee.org domain and an SBC email @ieee.tn or @ieee.org. The eligibility requirements are outstanding student activities and services to its local society student members in one or more of the following areas: technical meetings, tours and seminars and/or tutorials, other services and activities for the local student members of the Society.
Basis for Judging: The selection criterion is the outstanding performance of the student chapter. In selecting award recipient, the awards committee and the chapters coordinator consider contributions of the student chapter activities, which may be manifested in the following manners:

  1. (15 points) continuous technical, educational, administrative, membership development, communications and public relations activity
  2. (10 points) exceptional managerial and leadership achievement
  3. (10 points) implementation of innovative new student chapter programs
  4. (15 points) dedication to the growth and advancement of the student chapter´s membership
  5. (15 points) development of the student chapter website and newsletter, use of enotice vTools as the main tool to communicate with student chapter members
  6. (15 points) publication of the activities’ agenda and the reports/photos of past activities in the SBC’s website
  7. (10 points) participation in the IEEE international competitions and calls for projects
  8. (10 points) fulfilling all requirements of reporting to the section and the respect of MGA bylaws.

Presentation: One award will be given per year. The award will be announced and presented at a section meeting. No award will be given if a qualified student chapter is not identified.

For further information, please contact the awards committee and the chapter coordinator <link>.


Past Recipients:

  • 2019: Power and Energy Society INSAT Student Chapter
  • 2018: Robotics and Automation Society INSAT Student Chapter
  • 2017: Industry Applications Society INSAT Student Chapter
  • 2016: Power & Energy Society ENIM Student Chapter