Your 10 keys to receive funds:
    1- The unit's treasurer and chair should keep their own financial report (incomes & expenses) and verify that they have sufficient funds before submitting the payment / reimbursement request. The unit's treasurer and chair should give their financial report to the next officers of their unit.
    2- In case of reimbursement request (reimbursement means that the services were already payed and the event was organized), a report with photos and the list of participants (name, IEEE member (yes/no), email) must be uploaded in the request. Otherwise, the reimbursement will not be done.
    3- In case of payment request (payment means a direct money transfer from the Tunisia section to the provider bank account), a report with photos and the list of participants (name, IEEE member (yes/no), email) must be sent to within 7 days after the event. Otherwise, the section will not be able to help the unit in the future, even if they have sufficient funds in the section bank account.
    4- The Tunisia section needs at the minimum 3 days to complete your request. No urgent payements could be done. All requests should be submitted well in advance.
    5- In cas of invoices with an amount over 100 TND, the forum must include 3 quotes (devis) from different providers. Please clarify if you are not selecting the lowest price, in the description of expenses field above. We recommend in these cases to ask for payment option in order to pay directly the provider and avoid the reimbursement option.
    6- No clear invoices will not be paid or reimbursed. All invoices must be billed to "IEEE Tunisia section" (and clearly include section's tax id 1496298 T P N 000, if invoices includes taxes), including the word "Facture", clear details of the provider, and stamp and signature. Otherwise, the payment/reimbursement can't be done.
    7- The unit's chair/treasurer should collect all original invoices and give them to the section treasurer by 31 December every year. Otherwise, the section will not be able to help the unit in the future.
    8- if the expenses includes a restaurant invoice, the request should includes ALL the names, IEEE id, and emails of the beneficiary persons.
    9- The request will be automatically declined if one of the emails of the officers are wrong.
    10- The unit's website should be updated and includes the call for participation to the related event. Further more, an enotice call for participation should be sent via

    Your full name

    Your Email ( alias)

    Phone Number

    IEEE Member Number

    Request type

    Your Unit type

    Your Unit name and code, exactly as written in the website: (please verify that the officer list of your unit is updated. Otherwise, your request will be declined)

    CH08633 - Tunisia Section Chapter, SMC28
    SBC12541A - Nat'l Inst of Applied Sci & Tech (INSAT) IA34
    STB12541 - Nat'l Inst of Applied Sci & Tech (INSAT)
    SBA12541 - Nat'l Inst of Applied Sci & Tech (INSAT), WIE

    Your IEEE position in the unit? (to use the budget of the unit, only the chair or the treasurer can submit this request (officers should be reported in

    Is an email of "call for participation" to this event was sent to your unit's members via (For units, if No call for participation was sent to the members of the unit, the request will be rejected)

    Name of the unit's chair

    Email of the unit's chair ( alias)

    Name of the unit's treasurer

    Email of the unit's treasurer( alias)

    Name of the unit's counselor/advisor (write N/A for non-student units)

    Email of the unit's counselor/advisor for student units ( alias) (write for non-student units)

    Email of the student activities coordinator for student units OR Email of the chapter coordinator for chapters OR otherwise. Copy the email addresses from

    Unit's Web site address (no Facebook pages will be accepted; recommended to develop your website under

    Web address of the event under (you should announce the event in the vtools platform and send the call for participation via


    Event / project title

    Event dates

    Event Venue name, city

    Number of participants

    Description of the event

    Description of the expense(s), each item, and its needs (one item per line)

    Bank details for the payment/reimbursement (account name, bank name, RIB (must be 20 digits)). If you are asking to pay by check, write: "Payment by check in the name of ...."

    Total amount to pay/reimburse in TND or USD (write amount and currency according to the invoices)

    Money requested under the budget of

    Available budget before the current request (Amount, Currency):

    Available budget after the current request (Amount, Currency):

    If you are asking to use your budget's unit, upload the current balance of your unit using the following template (each expense line should match with each payment request / transaction) link. Without clear details about the funds of your units, the section can't proceed to your request.

    Upload one pdf file including one or more invoices (one invoice per page, all included text must be clear and readable) and quotes to clarify the best prices:

    Upload the event's report, including agenda, speakers, and selected photos (last event's report if you are requesting payment of future event):

    Upload the list of participants indicating IEEE/nonIEEE (last event's list of participants if the list of this event is not available):